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What You Should Know About Proactive Broker Network's Corporate Health Management Plan


Proactive Broker Network boasts a corporate health management program that's made up of so many components, which in turn affords a lot of benefits to both employees and the employer. According to the company's principles, the key to a productive workforce in an office environment is a healthy workforce. This is the very reason why almost 90% of companies today are already leaning towards giving wellness plans to their employees. Yes, this concept isn't something new, but only a few modern companies have made it a priority.


Accordingly, embracing the Corporate Health Management Plan of the Proactive Broker Network at www.proactivebrokernetwork.com means helping workers and employees become more productive in any work environment or setting. However, it's not only about them since giving commitment to each and every program under the health management plan means that the company can also potentially cut expenses. With that taken into consideration, it's hard to imagine any company resisting the prospect of increasing profit and cutting expenses at the same time.


The Proactive Health Management Plan offers various features that are intended to benefit every single participant and stakeholder. For instance, there's this feature called "Telemedicine" in which there's an opportunity to connect and talk to a medical professional 24/7. This is possible because there is a network of licensed doctors who have previously signed up to help those who need help. Included in their services are the diagnosis, prescription, and treatment of various medical issues over the phone.


Another feature called "Biometric Screening" helps in identifying risk factors for common illnesses like that of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases up to ten years before their full onset. The company employs wellness coaches who are more than capable of analyzing and interpreting data, the purpose of which is to employ strategies sand solutions to combat unhealthy lifestyles, learn more here!


With the program's online health coaching, beneficiaries are afforded the advantage of working with certified trainers as well as health coaches who value and recognize how important an initial client assessment and screening is. Furthermore, there are training as well as prevention programs which are very unique in a way that they are designed to address specific health needs as well as health goals and objectives of every worker or employee. Through the skills, experience, and dedication of these coaches, clients and beneficiaries will be provided with not just encouragement and motivation, but also real prevention plans and progress monitoring. To gather more ideas, you may also visit and read more at http://finance.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Mortgage.